What can I do to help?

Current climate movements pin nearly all of the blame on world leaders, whereas former climate movements focused mostly on consumer behavior like recycling, thus pinning the blame on individuals. The reality is that we are all to blame; ourselves, our families, our school or workplace, our communities, the businesses that support us, our governments, and more. We all play a role in a flawed system that’s led us to this climate crisis.

Part 1

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already taken a great first step of briefly educating yourself on climate change. Good for you!

  1. Come back to this document once a week until you grasp the basics.

  2. Dig deeper within the resource list to immerse yourself into the climate change landscape.

  3. Stay up to date on the latest news stories involving climate change.

  4. Take personal action to make your own lifestyle more sustainable; if you’re going to be a leader, you must lead by example.

  5. Start a conversation. Share your thoughts and learnings with your friends, family and community – both online and offline. Share the intro video at the beginning of this document on your social media accounts, through direct messages or watch it with your friends and family, then have a conversation about it. If interested, have them read this document before to help stimulate the conversation. 

  6. Join the Digital Climate Movement to enter the latest digital missions to take action online to help influence decision makers for a more sustainable future.

Part 2

I don’t know who is reading this overview, so I can’t speak to your current situation specifically on how best to act, but I can give some general advice. It’s important to first figure out what you love to do, what your passions are, and what you’re good at, then find creative ways to utilize that to take urgent action against climate change. Do you love gaming? Great! Help raise awareness and funds through livestreaming your games. Do you build houses for a living? Awesome! Research and propose ways your company could be more sustainable. Do you work at a hair salon? Amazing! Find new eco-friendly products to try at your salon, and show customers the benefits of those products. Do you love writing? Cool! Write short stories about climate change for children, start a blog, or find a job helping an environmental leader write speeches.


If you don’t know what you love, keep exploring and keep learning – people are needed at all levels

  • Like policy changes, institutional changes, corporate changes, and then personal actions

  • Relate to the above solutions proposed in Project Drawdown to have most impact.

  • You can develop an innovative startup that creates alternative fuels from algae, thus making fossil fuel obsolete.

  • You can become a social media influencer and make money while promoting plant-based diets and sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

  • You can volunteer or work for a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to travel to climate-afflicted communities and help provide resources for those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

  • You can become a political leader and start pressing for more climate action policies.

  • You can become a professor at a university, a teacher in primary school, or even an educator online to help educate others of the impacts of climate change and how we must take urgent action.

  • You can become a researcher or a climate scientist to help the world better understand this challenge we face or help find solutions to it.


I think you get the point! We can all have an impact on climate change by relating our personal goals and aspirations with how to help others and the planet. The reality is, things will be challenging when fighting for change, but when you help others while also doing something you love, you’ll find the will to work through the tough times, as there will be many along your journey. Here is one last video to inspire you to help change the world.

More additions coming soon!

Over time, I will continue to update this page with new topics that will give you a more comprehensive view of the climate change landscape. The next sections added to this overview of climate change will include:

  • What is Climate Justice?

  • Has COVID affected climate change?

  • How to communicate to others about climate change?

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