Climate change is complex to learn about.

Having struggled to find a clear and concise document or video explaining the basics of climate change, I've created my own to help you get a grasp on this complex issue, all in place.  Remember, it doesn’t contain everything, but it’s a good start.


The questions I ask and answer for you include:

  • What is climate change?

  • What causes climate change?

  • What are the impacts of climate change?

  • How we can address climate change?

  • What can I do to help?


Let’s start with a quick introduction and overview from the United Nations.

Before we begin, let's address climate change skepticism

Although we need everyone on board to help address this global crisis, we don’t have time for the deniers.

97% of climate scientists agree:

  • Climate change is happening now.

  • It is being driven primarily by human activity.

  • We can do something to reduce its impacts and progression.6


If you need an analogy, this one sums it up quite well: 


If 97 doctors agreed on the cause of your illness, but 3 doctors disagreed and said it was some other cause, who’s diagnosis would you choose?

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